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List of Ingredients:

Vitamin E (as Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate):

E Vitamin offers antioxidant qualities, that has been utilized in prevention or management of numerous health problems. It offers a chance to boost the moisturisation of your skin therefore utilized in many skincare items.

Soya Protein Concentrate:

Soy products protein concentrate is definitely an invaluable element of food and drug industry. It offers significant and convenient dietary qualities in number of items. It particularly assists in tissue development in various medicines.

Mucuna pruriens:

The seed consists of L-Dopa 40mg/gm from the plant/seed products and alkaloids Mucunine, Mucunadine, Mucuadinine, Pruriendine and Nicotine.
Also called Kawanch Beej. It's the famous aphrodisiac utilized in herbal medicines and it is helpful in the event of oligospermia (low sperm fertility), male sterility. Furthermore these seed products work as nervine tonic and regulate the mechanism of genitourinary system.

Asteracantha longifolia:

It consists of ample quantity of tenacious mucilage and potassium salts.
Also called Kokilaksha. It primarily encourages blood circulation system helping within the installments of impotence, spermatorrhea and seminal weakness. It´s also used as diuretics in ancient medications.

Pueraria tuberosa :

Also called Vidarikand. It´s traditional remedy used being an aphrodisiac along with a general tonic. The roots from it are usually utilized in herbal medications like a demulcent and refrigent in fevers. Additionally, it functions in reducing joints inflammation, so that as lactagogue.

Withania somnifera:

Also called Ashwagandha. It´s stated for use in stimulating performance and feeling of wellness. The alkaloids of Withania somnifera show muscle relaxant and antispasmodic qualities which have the effect of relaxation and elongation of male organ muscles.

Tribulus terrestris:

It consists of harmine.
Also called Gokharu. It´s a well-known sexual enhancer along with a general tonic utilized in herbal medicines. Tribulus terrestris is useful in growing the semen quantity and dealing with disorders from the genitourinary tract. Additionally, it shows Antimicrobial and antioxidant qualities.

Albizzia lebbeck:

It consists of alkaloids, flavanoids, tannins, proteins and saponins.
Also called Shirish. It´s very useful in blood circulation disorders it purifies bloodstream and improves circulation that is required for growth and development of male organ organs and more powerful and healthy hardons. Furthermore it´s good at inflammations and reducing discomfort.